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Greg S.
“Please tell the Micro Touch™ Toughblade inventor and people who make the blades, that in all of my shaving years and buying different kinds of razors, this blade is the best I’ve ever used! It’s been 60 days!”
Rick Z: A Heavenly Shave!
“Wonderful alternative to the expensive Gillette Mach 3 blade system. They last longer than the 3-4 shaves I was generally getting. Although looking similar in size and design, these blades do a better job. The shave is clean and soft afterwards. I found the handle to be at a better angle when drawing the shaver across my face and neck. Definitely a reorder item when the time comes.”
Doug Chellevold: Better than I expected
“I’ve used tough blade now for about a week. Blade is still extremely sharp and working as advertised. A month per cartridge seems like a long time. That being said, very happy so far. Would recommend.”
John B.
“Hands down the best razor I've ever used! I've over paid for Mach 3 Turbo cartridges for years, and for under $20, this razor comes with 12 cartridges. Not only is it a smooth shave, but it is very efficient.”
Paul K.
“Great shaves from TOUGH BLADE as advertised by Brett Favre on TV. Easy to change blades and cleans up with ease. The glide strip makes for a more comfortable shave.”
Nick S.
“Exactly as advertised. Easy to clean....stay sharp.”
Michael S
“I bought these and doubted that they would be as good as advertised. I was wrong! Blades are German made (hope this doesn't change) and super sharp and they STAY sharp! I hope this product stays around as I have never been able to use the same blade for a full week-let alone a full month. So good my girlfriend got one too after using mine and I got one for my son as well.”
Danny L.
“*The best blades I ever had I'm 62 years old i recommend this to everybody that wants nice close shave. And the price is right. THANK YOU”
Jim M
“It definitely works as advertised. I was actually quite skeptical about it whenever the box said "As Seen on TV!", but once I actually used it, it felt amazing! It has form and function, and, while others may not have the same experience that I did, I certainly recommend this blade to anybody looking for an alternative to the much pricier blades out there.”
Jeff R.
“Wow, I can't believe the reviews! I haven't changed the blade for a month. I shave every other day with the best shave I've ever had”
Mark K.
“Was the best shave and they stay do stay sharp for long time. Can't get a better deal for the money.”
Anthony R.
“I am writing this note to you and your company to THANK YOU for designing and offering your MicroTouch 3 with tough blades. I have been shaving every day of my life since the 1960's and tried many different having systems, from single edge face cutters to the mighty 6 blade, overpriced viberator razors. Finally, a few months ago, due to my admiration of the talents of Brett Favre, I decided to take another chance on a different shaving system and purchased my first Micro Touch 3.”
Joe Z
“Three blades are certainly enough for a person who has used the horrible double edged, cheek slicer, as a training razor when I first learned to shave, the handy dandy Gillete injector razor when it was issued to me as I entered the US Marine Corps, and finally I advanced to the six (6) blade vibrating, soon to have a very dead battery model in the early 2000's. Not one of these previous models ever really reached my level of shaving satisfaction.”
James D
“Now, I realize that Mr. Favre doesn't shave every day, and when he does those whiskers are probably as tough as he is, but I know that he has to be as satisfied with his new brand of razor as I am.”
Brian D
“Today, I purchased my second MicroTouch 3 for my second bathroom in my home. It was actually a challenge to find a store where I could purchase my second because the first store actually ran out of your product, but with the persistence of a wanna-be football star, I found a store that had the famous MicroTouch 3.”
Dennis K
“I am a very sincere, mature, older gentleman who feels that you should be congratulated on a GREAT PRODUCT.”
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